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Visit the “Green pearl of the Balkans”

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one
of the last undiscovered tourist
destinations in EuropePaddy Ashdown

Bosnia and Herzegovina is perfect for ecotourism and an ideal place for the adventure seeker or nature lover. It is rare to find a country that offers such diverse beauty of limestone mountains, lush valleys, centuries-old forests, crystal-clear rivers, waterfalls, mountain lakes, vineyards and orchards.
Equally diverse is its rich historical and cultural heritage, which is coloured by Islamic, Catholic and Orthodox influences. Medugorje for example is one of the most popular Catholic pilgrimage sites in the world. Or think of Sarajevo, quite a few people call it the “little Jerusalem”, because its main Catholic cathedral, the main Orthodox cathedral, the city mosque and a Jewish synagogue are all built within 500 meters of each other.
The devastated tourism sector of this country which hosted the wonderful 1984 Winter Olympics has recovered to only a third of its pre-war number of tourists. Visiting this “green pearl of the Balkans” now, gives the traveller the unique chance, both to experience and to contribute to the healing process which is taking place everywhere in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to be welcomed by the warmest and most hospitable people.

Visit the “Green pearl of the Balkans”

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