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European Natural Heritage

On an average 23 brown bears and 15 wolves within a radius of 18 km! Where else you can find such population densities?
Throughout Europe there is only one country, which manages to achieve one of the top three places in the ranking of wolf and brown bear population densities: Bosnia and Herzegovina!
The “green pearl of the Balkans“ prepares to bring in its genuine natural heritage, a precious treasure, in the European Union.
The wealth of Bosnian wilderness immediately is obvious, if you compare the results of our following evaluation.
Exclusively the table covers countries of the original European distribution of wolf and brown bear (for comparison only also including Canada and Russia), which are beyond question even today blessed with a fascinating and most beautiful landscape.
As incorruptible indicators especially wolf and brown bear, which elsewhere went extinct long ago or survived as small remnants of the former population, testify nativeness, richness and integrity of the natural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina down to the present day.

Abounding in Danube salmon

Sutjeska National park

Una National park

Fliegenfischen am Klokot bei Bihac

Orchid meadows

Livanjsko Polje