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Matthias Schwahn, Landscape architect

Date of birth: 21.03.1964
Place of birth: Munich, Germany
Nationality: German
Languages: German, English

Employed in „Bat Protection Group of Upper Bavaria administrative district“.

Studied Landscape Architecture at the Technical University Munich–Weihenstephan; advanced studies in Landscape Architecture, specialising in Ecology/Landscape Planning.

Founding chairman of the local Nature Protection Organisation „Association for the Protection of Langwieder Heath“, founded with the aim of placing a valuable area of steppe grass biotope under protection. In 1992, Langwieder Heath became officially protected.

Practical Big Bend Nationalpark, Texas: Resource Management, Ranger Division, Planning Division, Interpretation.

San Francisco: Meeting with David Brower (1966 “Sierra Club” Executive Director, founder of “Friends of the Earth” and founder of “Earth Island Institute”) and Herbert Gunther (Executive Director “Public Media Center”) as part of research for my degree thesis and a crash course in “Advocacy Advertising”.

Biebrza Valley, Northeast Poland: participation in the open land works for tests on the Corncrake as part of a dissertation for the University of Würzburg (Bavaria).

Freelance work with the Nymphenburg advertising group, Munich, and with landscape architect Michael Schwahn, Munich.

Voluntary work as consultant (Nature protection matters) at the Bavarian Court of Administration in Munich, against the Free State of Bavaria as part of the planning approval for the A 99 motorway section (Langwied-Allach with Eschenrieder Spange). On 5 July 1994, the Bavarian Court of Administration compelled the Free State of Bavaria to carry out an environmental compatibility test.

Engineer on a work contract with Gottfried Hansjakob, landscape architect, Munich.

Executive partner, Ohnes & Schwahn landscape architects.

Executive partner, Mosquito Communications advertising agency.

Executive partner, Storyliner – leisure and entertainment.

Special knowledge, membership of professional associations, etc.