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Experienced, trustworthy team

At Storyliner we develop leisure projects and worlds of experience and communication services of all types. The environmental background of our agency is reflected by the fact, that the same partners are running a landscape architecture firm for more than twelve years ( www.ohnes-schwahn.de ), which considerably contributes with its profitability to help finance the current project development of WildernessResort Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The team has outstanding knowledge of the planning, implementation and marketing of leisure parks and hotel resorts and many years of wide-ranging knowledge in the area of North American national parks. The same applies to the finance department. Several members have many years experience in dealing in an atmosphere of trust with a wide variety of local stakeholders, NGOs and representatives of political interests.

WildernessResort is our attempt to use wilderness in an environmentally friendly way and to offer sustainable incomes to local people. The core of our concept is to set up a sufficiently large nature reserve and to add an environmentally friendly five-star resort to it. The decisive advantage is that, in the situation with considerably fewer guests and thus less visitor pressure, there is considerably more personnel to be employed, which is of great significance to the local population in the mostly economically underdeveloped, rural, barely accessible peripheral regions.