Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) for a lighthouse project

Lighthouse project

In the beginning the administration of the large-scale protected area will receive a valuable transfer of know-how and appreciate the neighborhood help to enhance the own staff by the highly qualified staff of the resort´s own ranger department (wildlife-management, search and rescue, fire fighting, etc.) if needed.

It is not only the local population which benefits from secure jobs, taxes and prospects in this usually economically underdeveloped, difficult-to-reach outlying region.

The entire country benefits in the long run from a genuine “lighthouse project”. As on a business card or in a shop window, unspoilt nature and hospitable people are on display for the international tourist market.

Designating 400 km˛ of protected area there has to be a takeover of existing private fishing, hunting, logging and water rights. For the families of the highly qualified specialists recruited from all over the world, excellent school facilities will be made available or built, in addition to the company’s nursery school.

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