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Large-scale protected area

The resort will be situated in a placid zone of the future protected area. A clean river runs through it and there is no through traffic. After its establishment the reserve will cover an area of at least 400 km² of natural landscape – essential for the upkeep of the wild animal population with its wide spaces for movement. It goes without saying that in this “priority area for the large carnivores” wolves, bears and lynx the human settlement growth is frozen at its present level or, if possible, even reversed.

Such a setup protects the Resort from possible fluctuations in its home territory. The integration into the major conservation area and the spaciousness of the natural range guarantee the guest, also in the long term, an atmosphere of wilderness and naturalness and the resort is guaranteed the security of its investment.

In the beginning the large-scale protected area which includes the national park will be unknown to a large extent and the resort will serve as its indispensable crowd-puller. The wider surrounding of the national park benefits from the media coverage and all the future marketing operations. All too frequent new national parks have a poor start because of poor funding. Our approach is preventing this problem and is promoting the acceptance of local stakeholders.

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