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Fair travel to Bosnia

If you are interested in travelling “to make a difference“ and both to experience and to contribute to the healing process in Bosnia and Herzegovina, please fill in the form below without any obligation. Solely your data are used to inform you by eMail about the progress of the project from time to time. Any use beyond the pre-opening phase or the operating of WildernessResort Bosnia and Herzegovina is excluded. Your data are managed securely and are treated as strictly confidential.

Your record will help us, to demonstrate potential investors your interest in the concept of WildernessResort, comprising a 400 km² nature reserve and the first environmentally friendly and social responsible destination resort in the luxury category in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Potential guests who wish to secure their booking at the opening month with all its celebrations as soon as possible are recommended to fill in the form without any obligation just yet. Booking options for the opening month (beside guests of honor) will be offered the early bird first.

I am interested! You can use our contact form to keep informed.

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