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Contribution to the healing process of a region of former conflict

WildernessResort has the potential to develop economically underdeveloped, rural, barely accessible peripheral regions in an environmentally friendly manner and at the same time to contribute to the healing process of a region of former conflict.

The core of our concept is to set up a sufficiently large nature reserve and to add an environmentally friendly luxury resort to it. The decisive advantage of a five star lodge is that, in the situation with considerably fewer guests and thus less visitor pressure, there is considerably more personnel to be employed, which is of great significance to the local population in Bosnia and Herzegovina suffering from a high rate of unemployment.

Admittedly Bosnia is largely unknown as a tourist country or is even seen in a negative light and also does not have a destination with great appeal. WildernessResort brings this appeal with it and aims to see that high expectations and hopes aroused in the population groups are not disappointed in the actual area, by creating a modern tourist infrastructure.

Right now Bosnia needs “lighthouse projects“! WildernessResort is a tourism project which will will attract a lot of attention. But Bosnia contains considerable potential within itself, too. Throughout Europe just Bosnia and Herzegovina manages to achieve one of the top three places in the ranking of wolf and brown bear population densities (everywhere in the world wolf & bear testify the nativeness, richness and integrity of the natural heritage). In Bosnia and Herzegovina with its history full of suffering WildernessResort could be capable of much more than of giving wealthy, stress-burdened holidaymakers a perfect wilderness experience… – it is an unique chance, to contribute to the healing process of a region of former conflict and to provide the initial internal and external spark to set things in motion.