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Modern design & old craftsmanship

“Zanati” an ancient tradition of handicrafts in metal, leather, wood, textiles, shoes, gold or carpets can be found throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. You are most likely to find these authentic objects in the old part of town, especially in Sarajevo, Mostar, Travnik and Banja Luka. As well in some smaller trading towns like Visoko, Konjic and Jaice.
There are the well-known “tabhana”, or leathersmiths, from Visoko, the “grncari” of Lijeseve with their famous clay pottery or the wood carvers from Konjic where a long tradition of wood carving has been passed on from father to son. Buying authentic, local handicrafts offers new incomes to women and people from the rural areas and protects a rare cultural heritage.
On the other hand more and more young designers show up with new ideas for fashion or furniture.

Modern design & old craftsmanship:

Citizen Society "Old Craft" of Canton Sarajevo

Brothers Niksic – wood craftsmen from Konjic

Emina Husedzinovic – fashion designer, Sarajevo

Istok Bratic – fashion designer, Sarajevo