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Travnik Cheese producers

Travnik cheese (Vlasicki Sir) is produced exclusively in the Mount Vlasic area and has long traditions. It is made with milk from the Pramenka sheep and the Busa cow, both local breeds. The rennet comes from a secret recipe; it is known only that it is composed of 17 different animal and vegetable ingredients. The fresh curd forms a mass of about 20 kilos which is then divided into one- or two-kilo cubes and placed in brine, in characteristic wooden containers. The cheese is sold in these containers only in the Travnik area; for sale further afield it is cut into half-kilo pieces and packaged, with its brine, in plastic bags. Cheesemaking and sales are handled by Eco-Vlasic a breeders’ organization. Some of the cheese will shortly be able to benefit from organic certification.
The Travnik Cheese producers are member of the Terra Madre network with 1.600 small Food Communities in 150 countries which is supported by the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity.

Production area
Travnik. Central Bosnia canton

Community coordinator
Akif Konjalic
tel. ++387 (0)61 890 981