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Invest fair – Business 3.0

It´s quite amazing, that banks do not mind writing off a trillion dollars in a sub-prime crisis, but they still stay away from lending US $ 100 to a poor woman

Now is the time, to give thought to the fact, if we really can afford to ask these people no questions who deal with our savings. Questions of meaning and ethical issues. Where does our money go? Dam projects, flooding entire villages and unique habitats? Arms industry? Global warming? Clearcutting of pristine forests to create disposable tissue products? Any investment decision is creating facts elsewhere. It´s in our hands which facts!
That´s why an increasing number of people are guided by ethical issues if it comes to investment decisions. These people obtain satisfaction at fulfilling social resposibility directly. Ethical investment is booming and the eco-, social and church banks have noticed a sharp increase in the number of customers long before the mortgage crisis. Profit with good conscience? Although we were told that „these things don´t pay“ today organic supermarkets, wind turbines and solar farms are an accepted fact all over the world… – and make good money beside the change they bring about. A hopeful sign of things to come!
Ask yourself these questions. For sure your investment consultant won´t do it for you. Send a small part of your savings on a mission, wherever you like. Nearly everywhere you can find terrific ideas and marvellous projects. They need just a little bit help at the start by autonomous investors, who realize that the market situation always reflects the state of culture in a society based on values and standards.

If you attach importance to show the people in Bosnia they are not forgotten thirteen years after this fatal war bringing disaster upon this small country, then you should consider an investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Besides unlike wind turbine or solar farm WildernessResort will offer a more exciting chance for a visit to check up how the personal investment saved endangered habitats and improved the livelihood and future of a lot of families.

Please, just fill in the form below without any obligation. If we have a solution for our vision to participate citizens in the financing and how to achieve a sustainable, transparent, secure and fair concept for funding, we will inform you.
When time has come solely your data will be used to inform you by eMail. about the progress of the project from time to time. Any use beyond the funding concept of WildernessResort Bosnia and Herzegovina is excluded. Your data are managed securely and are treated as strictly confidential.

Yes, I am interested to make a difference and to invest fair in Bosnia und Herzegowina! Please inform me, as soon as your concept to participate in the funding is ready.

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