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Original experience

As part of the recurring theme of „original experience“, WildernessResort allows widely varied forms of relaxation and physical activity in peaceful coexistence and with a constantly changing programme. It is the guest who makes the final decision as to whether he wants mental renewal or just to slow down, as to whether he is interested in personal development or in taking up sport again in unspoilt natural surroundings. The only constant in this range of leisure activities is constant change. In accordance with Heraclites’ famous aphorism (“Whoever enters the same river will always have different water flowing towards him”), it will be impossible to experience the same resort programme twice. Each season there is a new programme for the guest. This means a faster build-up of the kind of loyal customers who book several times a year and the basis for a high occupancy rate.

The programme focuses on the three core competencies of Outdoors, Wellness and Culinary Arts. Included in the daily accommodation price (basic packages which can be extended as preferred) are coaches and top trainers from the areas of competence mentioned, as is the case in the sports resorts in the USA.

According to personal preference, the guest makes his choice from a unique international programme. It is the guest who decides whether he wants to learn driving a dog sled team or tracking by following a scent or if „casting analysers“ shall improve his casting skills with the fly rod. Leading masseurs, Tai Chi and Yoga instructors, sommeliers and coaches are just waiting for the guest.

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