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Intelligence in architecture

Intelligence in architecture is a challenge for our time. It is clear that a hotel resort in this type of sensitive position must meet considerably higher environmental standards. Using a great deal of timber and avoiding the above-mentioned gold taps, the WildernessResort architecture will thus be oriented towards the „zero-emission hotels“ proposed by the REST (Renewable Energy and Sustainable Tourism) initiative in which hoteliers in six European countries are currently participating. WildernessResort will handle its own supplies and waste disposal and will thus be largely self-sufficient.

WildernessResort will propose an alternative draft which is radical in every respect. To this extent, the architecture of a five-star resort, even more so in a less developed country, will attract considerably more publicity than comparable ambitious hotel buildings in western industrialised countries. This is an additional advantage. That is because more than half of the energy currently required by people all over the world is used for building and maintaining houses. It is, therefore, architecture that influences climate on a global scale. Transport and industry take a back seat. They share the remaining half of the energy used.

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