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The resort´s heart

At the resort‘s heart is a 5-star Lodge with a total of 125 generously-appointed suites and chalets and a high-class cuisine. The resort´s own colonial&outdoor-shop offers beside a large variety of delicacies all you need for fly fishing, horseback riding, canoeing and many other outdoor activities.

Conceived as an all-year-round resort unaffected by the weather, the spacious spa area makes any period of bad weather more bearable. Regarding the guest´s need for security and safety the resort runs its own ranger department (wildlife-management, interpretation, search and rescue, fire fighting, etc.), modern equipped medical-department, a springfacility for drinking-water and its own power plant. Rooms for administration and a residential area (limited to 30 employees), a canteen (incl. kitchen), a riding-hall with modern stables, spacious paddock and saddlery, a dogsledding station and a small observatory complete the resort´s main local facilities and utilities.

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