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Main target group

The main target group is well-off holidaymakers, experienced travellers, financially independent and with or without dependants – at that an integral part of the LOHAS-movement. They range from hard-working executives and self-employed people all the way along the line to the constantly growing „generation of heirs“ group. They want to forget their humdrum, day-to-day life and experience something natural or simply take it easy. At the same time they set great value upon quality, ethics, fairness and sustainability. They want to make the very best use of their precious holiday time and are prepared to spend a lot of money in order to do so. Although two or three weeks of holidays used to be the norm, nowadays bookings are for trips of between five and 10 days. In the luxury sector, the following two major trends can currently be observed: material luxury and intellectual luxury. Many people from the Arab world and the “nouveaux riches” from Russia, China and India prefer material luxury, such as is being provided in Dubai and in other emirates. These customers want to get as much as possible for their money. In the case of intellectual luxury, it is not gold taps but a special emotional experience that is important to people. Satiated and overstimulated, (the “I’ve seen it all” attitude), people from the Western countries are often in search of an experience with no pomp and ceremony, formal dress or servants in uniform. Instead, they long for unique adventures, precious learning experiences or simply retreat and reflection. It goes without saying that the WildernessResort philosophy is aimed at the last group.

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