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Increasing demand

Away from the mainstream of the conventional beach, skiing or cultural holiday there is an increasing demand for other types of holiday in the upper price segment of the market.

In particular, the latter are concerned with the emotional nature of the experience, with personal enrichment, and cater for the longing for unspoilt Nature, authenticity and naturalness and perhaps also for adventure and experiential extremity. In short, it is about experiences which are personal, precious and do not fade with the years. In this category belong the cooking course with the 3-star chef, the Yoga workshop with the Indian guru, fishing for salmon in the River Camp in Russia or diving among sharks without the protection of a cage.

The core of our provision is “muscular” outdoor activities. We do not dispute the fact that many a hotel resort is taking up this trend. But there is a fundamental difference in coming across the tracks of a squirrel or those of wolves and bears, whether riding, cross-country skiing or snowshoe walking and in letting raw Nature allow you to breathe in deeply, far away from ski lifts, residential areas and roads. And any similarity certainly ends when it comes to dog sled teams, white-water canoeing or our tracker team.

The more technological and virtual our world becomes, the bigger increases our longing for genuine experiences.